Fall 2018
Experiential Polarity Program


Fall 2018 - Experiential Polarity Program

Dr. Fazio’s Experiential Polarity Program is the first level of study and the foundation of Polarity Training and Certification. Students acquire a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of Polarity Theory, Polarity Diet and Nutrition, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, The Five Elements, chakras, and a model of how energy flows from creation into form. This program is also considered a time to increase self-awareness, self-nurturance, community building, cleansing, emotional awareness, energetic presence, and an exploratory experience of Polarity knowledge and practices. In each week of this program, the student gets a deeper glimpse into their own transformation, health and wellbeing, and embodiment as an individual. Each week, class time is dedicated to lecture, study, and practice.


There are two ways to participate in the APP Training Program.



This course is the foundation level required for people wanting to become Polarity professionals focused on the profound areas of diet, lifestyle, energetic bodywork, and contemplative practices to encourage a life of balance. This track requires that the student complete clinical hours outside of the classroom. Dr. Fazio’s Experiential Polarity Program benefits those who want to work simultaneously on their own personal evolution. The program’s scope of practice is focused on assessing a generally healthy person’s constitution and basic imbalances of energy of Yin and Yang, Chakras, and elemental energy imbalances. Many Polarity graduates incorporate what they are learning into another field of practice, such as massage therapy, physical therapy, yoga, psychotherapy, coaching, internal medicine, and any field related to assessing and supporting spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Others go on to complete a second level of Polarity Training and become a practicing professional. Graduates will also be able to work with other healthcare professionals to develop recommendations and implement treatments for clients with established pathologies. Graduates of the Experiential Polarity Program can apply for the second level of training, which is focused on becoming a Profesionally Certified Polarity Practitioner.

This program is designed to exceed the requirements for Associate Polarity Practitioner certification through the American Polarity Therapy Association.




This is intended for students focused on their own personal enrichment and who are not looking to develop a professional practice of Polarity Therapy. Personal Track students take all of the same classes as the Professional Track students but do not have to complete outside clinical hours of practice. Personal Track students are under the same standards and guidelines for attendance.Upon graduation, these students receive a Certificate of Personal Track Completion.

The Experiential Polarity Program runs from late Fall of 2018 through early Summer of 2019. Classes are designed to complement and build upon each other and are the place where you and your classmates will learn both with and from each other. To foster continuity and community there is a set curriculum and schedule everyone follows.

Experiential Curriculum & Topics Will Cover...

Admission & Tuition Information

The cost for for the program is $4,800. For questions or to set up a payment plan, contact Dr. Fazio.

Accepted students will need to set up and complete a private personal interview with Dr. Fazio prior to program start date.