Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner
Certification Training Program

Next Program: TBD
Class dates dependent on monthly student consensus.

Intention of Training

  • Build on your APP education of Polarity Principles, Theory, Practice, Assessment Skills, and Treatment
  • Professional-level knowledge as a basis for professional practice with Polarity Therapy
  • Expand on your knowledge of the integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of human life
  • Ability to describe to your clients the Polarity concept of health on all levels of life
  • Ability to describe the free flow of Life Energy from its Source through its various fields and centers and back to its Source
  • Experience Polarity Yoga Energetic Exercises and be able to guide clients in a customized practice of Polarity Yoga to suit uniquely assessed needs
  • Gain an energetic understanding of Polarity diets and nutritional concepts
  • Ability to teach your clients the benefits and practices of Energetic Nutrition
  • Experience deeper emotional growth and an understanding of yourself through your experience of the Polarity Process
  • Develop the skills to help clients facilitate their own personal growth using the concepts of Polarity Therapy
  • Advance your ability to integrate Polarity Therapy into your private practice and into your daily lives
  • Proficiency with Polarity Energetic Touch skills taught in class
  • Gain experience in the practice of Polarity Therapy through supervised clinic and Clinic Practicum classes and by giving and receiving individual Polarity Therapy sessions
  • Learn how to practice Polarity Therapy ethically and fairly within your scope of practice and according to their state’s regulations and legal requirements
  • Learn sound business management skills and promotional techniques in order to establish a professional Polarity Therapy practice
  • Introduction to a variety of elective topics to broaden and deepen your application of Polarity principles and therapeutic skills
  • Satisfy all the requirements set forth by the American Polarity Therapy Association in order to apply for the designation of Registered Polarity Practitioner