Level I

Associate Polarity Practitioner
Certification Training Program

Dr. Stone has said "Polarity Therapy is caught rather than taught." 
This is the experiential basis for this course.

Next Program: September 2016 - April 2017
Class dates dependent on monthly student consensus.

Intention of Training

  • Gain a working knowledge of Polarity Principles, theory, practice, assessment skills, and treatment to understand life and the world
  • Learn how health relates to the integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of human life
  • Experience and learn how to do Polarity Yoga for personal health and group practice
  • Experience Polarity Therapy Cleansing and gain an energetic understanding of Polarity diets and nutrition
  • Experience emotional growth and an understanding of yourself as you dig deeper into the learning experience of the Polarity Process
  • Gain the ability to integrate Polarity into your private practice and into your daily life
  • Learn how to practice Polarity Therapy
  • Become proficient in Energetic Touch and develop a sense of "touch"
  • Gain practical experience of the practice of Polarity Therapy in a supervised setting

course topics

Polarity Theory
Energetic Nutrition
Communication & Facilitation Skills
Polarity Yoga Energetics
Bodywork: Polarity Energetic Touch
Clinical Practicum Class
Energetic Evaluation & Integration
Energetic Anatomy
Orthodox Anatomy
Clinical Supervision
The Polarity Experience
Feedback Sessions
Ethical Practice

Polarity Theory

Theory lecture topics might include:

  • How energy in motion creates life
  • The interconnectedness and unity of all things
  • How energy creates matter
  • How the forces of attraction and repulsion affect everything
  • Evolution and involution; the subtle energy movement of both
  • How energy polarizes to create opposites (i.e., male/female, yang/yin, sun/moon), and how these energy are affecting and manifesting patterns in your life, health, relationships, and well-being
  • What the Three Principles, Three Gunas are
  • How the Five Elements form the physical body, and how their patterns control health and disease
  • What the Five Elements are and how they relate to all matter
  • What the 25 Combinations are (Pentamirus combination)
  • The history of Polarity and its founder, Dr. Randolph Stone
  • The relationship of mind and mental patterns and emotions on dis-ease
  • Healing and disease in terms of energy
  • Disease as a disrupted or blocked flow of energy
  • Healing as the release and reconnection of energy to its source
  • Body readings, case histories, and identification of energy blocks
  • Hand and foot reflexes, acute and chronic reflexes and blocks
  • How your parents' patterns affect the now
  • Astrology and its relationship to Polarity
  • What the triad relationships are in the body and how they relate to astrology
  • What the three touches are and how/when to use them
  • Basic pulse reading
  • Three primary pathways of etheric energy (i.e., five mental passions, five elements as emotion, movement, physiological motivation fluids, tissues, organs, motor and sensory organs)
  • The five ovals, the 5 states of energy movement and related pathophysiology
  • The wireless anatomy
  • Five- and six-pointed star geometry as it relates to the body

Energetic Nutrition

We will gain personal experience of Polarity nutritional concepts by our own exploration of:

  • Purifying, health building, and vegetarian diets
  • Skin brushing, food combining, Vitality Drinks, Polarity Tea, sweats, and hot tubs
  • The concept of food as energy
  • Evaluation our own personal energetic needs in relation to food
  • Food in relation to the five elements and the three principles

This class explores the principles of energetic nutrition through personal experience with health building and purifying diets and internal cleansing techniques. Students then learn to apply what they have learned to clinical practice. The emotional aspects of nutrition are explored as well as diet history, assessment and monitoring skills. Energetic nutrition is viewed from the standpoint of both therapeutics and prevention.


Communication and Facilitation Skills

You will learn by the direct experience of going through a personal growth process.  This will include:

  • Creation of a safe neutral space to share feelings
  • Developing listening skills
  • History taking
  • Observation skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Rationality
  • Intuition
  • Understanding emotions
  • Positive and negative attitudes
  • Upward and downward spirals
  • Personal inventories
  • Grounding techniques
  • Personal issues
  • Client issues
  • Grounding
  • Centering model to clear energy fields
  • Meditation
  • "Presence" and intention

Daily check-in time is also a large vehicle for gaining personal insight and observing active listening and feedback models.


Polarity Yoga Energetics

You will explore these exercises from an energetic viewpoint and through effortless effort experience the physical, emotional, and mental effects generated by on-going experience of these exercises.


Body Work: Polarity Energetic Touch

In this class you will study and learn the practical application of Polarity principles in regards to the use of healing touch. This includes, energy balancing, manipulative balancing, and manual therapy techniques for the purpose of releasing blocked energy. Both spatial and intuitive oriented Energetic Touch will be covered. Sensitivity of touch and its effect are stressed throughout this course and three modalities of touch are developed from the context of the three principles.  

We will have plenty of class time to learn specific techniques and experience their effects and develop "Touch."  The direct experience of receiving and giving sessions allows you to feel energy being released and moving inside your own bodies thereby making the wireless anatomy and concepts of energy more real. You are asked to work with as many other different students in class as possible as each individual brings to the process a unique background of reactions, approaches, concepts, temperaments, etc.  This interaction begins to expand your experience to the wide range of approaches available to meet the diversity of you and your future clients' needs. A list of specific manipulations we will learn in class will be included in the Energetic Touch Course syllabus.


Clinical Practicum Class  

This class orients and supports you in your clinical experience. Here students, with their peers and instructors, discuss and evaluate skills and judgment necessary to develop strategies for client care. This class also serves as a bridge between didactic education and theory and the more practical skills necessary to clinic practice. Students and staff also discuss the more subtle aspects of the client-therapist relationship in a safe supportive environment.


Energetic Evaluation and Integration  

Here the skills of history taking, observation, body reading, and energetic mapping are developed to create a context and understanding for therapeutic strategy. This course is dynamic in exploring the numerous possibilities for assessment and application of Polarity therapeutics in the healing process.  Some of the topics include: Personal Energetic Inventory, Body Reading for gross energy imbalance and prognosis. Assessment for possible causes of energy exhaustion and dissipation.  Parent patterns as reflected in the feet. Acute and Chronic reflexes, Self evaluation of Energy pathways, fields and patterns.  Evaluation of Vital Reserve Capacity, leg length as indication of contracted energy and prognosis indication.


Energetic Anatomy

You will learn the location and function of Etheric EnergyPathways, Fields, Chakras, Lines of Force, Centers, and Primary Resonant Charges in the human body. Primary Geometric Relationships of Projection and Reflection, Involution and Evolution, and Symmetry and Balance.


Orthodox Anatomy

We will explore the location and function of major organ systems, topographic anatomy relating to Energetic Touch techniques and normal functioning of the various systems within the context of theory and Energetic Touch applications.


Clinical Supervision

Supervised practice enables you to deepen your understanding, competence and confidence in the area of client interview, history taking, evaluation, Energetic Touch, verbal communication, cleansing techniques, and Polarity Yoga Energetics. Practice time under supervision of the instructors is an important part of this program. Feedback and evaluation of techniques, methods, touch, communications, strategies, spirit, intention, efficiency, etc. will be given by both the instructors and fellow students to enable you to refine strategies, management, execution and follow-up of your treatments.



Each student is required to give a minimum total of thirty (30) one-hour Polarity sessions. Of these sessions ten (10) will involve managing the same client through ten sessions.  The remaining twenty (20) will be with at least ten (10) additional clients. Tracking forms are supplied in your student manual. Please begin your sessions after your first feedback session.
All Clinic sessions must be complete by three months after the last day of class.


The Polarity Experience

Each student is required to receive a minimum of five (5) Polarity sessions from a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner BCPP.  Of these sessions three (3) are to be with the same practitioner.  The additional two (2) are with different practitioners. Tracking forms are supplied in your student manual, please have the practitioner sign the form.  This is an additional cost to the program and must be paid to the practitioner chosen.  Sessions must be completed by three months after the last class.


Feedback Sessions

Each student is required to give five (5) sessions solely for feedback.  Three (3) of these must be with the Instructors of the program.  These sessions must be scheduled during the third weekend of the program and must be completed by three months after the last class.  The other two (2) may be given to anyone you choose.  Sessions must be completed by three months after the last day of class. Feedback forms are supplied in your student manual. 


Ethical Practice

In this class we will examine the APTA Code of Professional Ethics and explore concepts relevant to scope of practice and ethical practice issues.


Tuition for the Level 1: Associate Polarity Practitioner Certification Program is $2,200. Payment plans will be made available to those in need.
Down payment of $500 is required by August 31 to hold your seat.

Sample Class 1
10AM - 11AM: Communication
11AM - 11:30AM: Polarity Yoga Energetics
11:30AM - 12:30PM: Polarity Theory
12:30PM - 2:00PM: Lunch
2:00 - 3:00PM: Evaluation & Integration
3:00PM - 5:30PM: Bodywork

Sample Class 2
10AM - 12:30PM: Energetic Nutrition & Live Food Prep Demo
12:30PM - 2:00PM: Lunch
2:00PM - 3:00PM: Polarity Theory
3:00PM - 4:00PM: Energetic Anatomy
4:00PM - 5:00PM: Clinical Practice Discussion